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Dayang exhibits Magic Wall multi-display controller at KOBA 2005 in Seoul

Dayang’s booth at the KOBA 2005 show in Seoul, South Korea.

Intended for broadcast control rooms and transmission playout monitoring, Dayang introduced its Magic Wall multi-display controller at this month’s KOBA 2005 technology show in Seoul, South Korea.

The Magic Wall is a 16-input screen controller with a range of preset and user-configurable image sizes and supporting information-display modes. These include individually adjustable picture arrays accommodating four, eight or 16 simultaneous displays of both 4:3 and 16:9 images.

Operator-selectable features include screen-side audio bar graphs, channel tally, logo and clock. Magic Wall is optimized to feed plasma and TFT screens and is easily expandable for use in large centrally managed networks.

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