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DaletPlus news library has stations in mind

Understanding the workflow problems that broadcasters face, Dalet offers media asset management and archive systems designed specifically for the production and archiving of news programming.

With the DaletPlus News Library, users get a fast-access digital news library system that seamlessly integrates with existing news production and newsroom computer systems.

From any desktop or editing workstation, journalists and editors have access to low- and high-resolution library footage. News Library supports open standards, such as MOS and MXF, and offers complex reconciliation techniques to convert scripts from the newsroom computer system into relevant metadata. This data is then used to find corresponding stories coming from the station’s video servers and tape decks.

The DaletPlus News Library includes intuitive log and search tools, including keyword search, browse hit lists, while providing the ability to view corresponding clips and make shot selections right from the desktop. Logging and shot-listing is faster and more efficient because video and log data is accessible throughout the facility.

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