Contrast opens third telecine bay

Contrast, a division of Italy’s Interactive Milan post-production facility, has recently upgraded its facility with a third telecine bay the company hopes will feature faster processing and greater workflow efficiencies. The newly added suite will join two other existing telecine bays.

The new bay includes da Vinci’s 2K Plus suite with PowerTiers, DeFocus Plus and Toolbox2. It will be used for commercials, music videos, short films and other post-production projects at the facility.

The new 2K Plus provides a PowerTier that adds two additional channels of image processing to extend color enhancement capabilities. Each channel has its own PowerWindows with quadrilateral and circle window shapes and Super Kilovector qualifiers for the adjustment of hue, saturation and luminance.

Using 2K’s DeFocus feature, colorists are able to apply soft light and glow effects to any image. DeFocus is frequently used in projects to soften specific areas of a character’s skin and to create light, such as sunrays, in cloudy and dimly-lit scenes. The Toolbox2 provides contrast with four PowerVectors, each with added key matte defocus, PowerWindows, and real-time paint and special-effects filters, including motion blur, emboss, texture, fog and watercolor.

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