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Cine-tal announces two product lines

Cine-tal has introduced two new monitors: Cine’mage and Philo. Both intelligent monitors feature Cine-tal’s intelligent display server (IDS) technology.

IDS includes an image processor that generates real-time data about the HD video stream. This data is used to generate waveforms, vectorscopes, gamut information and the status of the incoming video signal. It provides display calibration and profiling for its integrated LCD display, as well as external monitors or projectors driven by its DVI output. A real-time 3-D color look up table allows users to load and manipulate LUTs for color pre-visualization on any incoming source.

The monitor is a network appliance. All functions and data operations can be performed over a LAN, WAN or wireless network. Any device with a Web browser, including PDAs and Web-enabled cell phones, can remotely query, manipulate, or adjust the IDS architecture.

The Cine’mage 2K series features full resolution HD monitoring. The series is comprised of four models offering a variety of configurations for HD-SDI inputs and outputs, DVI in and out, and HD dual link support.

The 2K series supports AC and 24vDC operations. Systems can be configured for up to four HD-SDI inputs or two HD-SDI dual link inputs, two HD-SDI outputs or one dual link output, and DVI in and out. Other options include three levels of waveform monitor and vectorscope technology, a test signal generator, on-board primary color grading and an ATX flight case.

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