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Chyron launches Lyric v5.2

Lyric 5.2 introduces the Duet HyperX eFX Panel.

Chyron has launched Lyric 5.2 for the Chyron Duet Family of CGs. The launch of Lyric 5.2 coincides with the rollout of the Duet HyperX HD/SD, Chyron’s single- or dual-channel, software-switchable HD/SD graphics system.

Lyric 5.2 introduces the Duet HyperX eFX Panel, which features clip record, video/audio clip playout and advanced video mixing, all within each HD/SD-switchable channel.

Support is included for Unicode and Complex Scripting languages 2-D/3-D text display in Western, Asian, right-to-left and other languages. New Lyric features include:

  • Unicode character data can now be transmitted via Intelligent Interface, expanding the number of languages that can be displayed in Lyric templates.
  • A timer can now keep running whether or not it is currently displayed in an animation, so that when the timer is redisplayed, it picks up the correct, real-time count-down or count-up time.
  • There can now be a total of three simultaneous streams of Intelligent Interface communication: One Telnet and two serial.
  • Movie objects that are in a Lyric animation can now continue to play while the other components of the animation are paused.
  • A clip can now either display the first frame on load or display black on load.

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