Chicago initiative combines e-education and e-recycling

NEC is partnering with Chicago’s Computers for Schools to provide refurbished LCD and CRT displays to Chicago-area classrooms and computer labs as well as classrooms across the country. The company plans on donating as many as 1000 units to Chicago-area schools totaling about $250,000 over the next three years.

To improve classroom instruction, the non-profit Computers for Schools helps distribute certified refurbished computing equipment with a three-year hardware warranty to schools and educational institutions. Founded in 1991, the program has placed more than 25,000 computers in schools, non-profit organizations and needs-based homes. The equipment often serves to upgrade existing hardware quality while helping to bridge the digital divide and making students educationally competitive, said Willie Cade, president of the group’s Chicago affiliate.

NEC recently was named Plug-In to eCycling partner by the EPA. The company has helped collect and recycle 3.6 million pounds of electronics products in North America and a total of 33 million pounds globally from businesses last year. Since much of the equipment is fully functional or easily repairable, re-use is the company's first recycling choice.

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