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Tektronix Web-based remote control: Web browser is an addition to the AD991, MPEG Signal Source; software includes an application programming interface; users can integrate the AD991 into their automated test environment and control the unit with any standard Web browser; enables optimization of test execution speed; remotely control playout of MPEG signals; the AD991 has been incorporated into an automated test environment; designed for generation, encoding and transmission of DVB Multimedia Home Platform conformance tests.
+1 800 426 2200


Agilent Technologies Infiniium: 600MHz to 1GHz mid-range oscilloscopes; have acquisition memory depths up to 8 Mpts per channel and sampling rates up to 4 GSa/s; eliminates slow responsiveness and manual setups; receive instant responses; quickly zoom in and search through data with no delays; avoid time-consuming manual setups; scopes feature 2 Mpts of deep memory per channel on 2- and 4-channel standard models; analog-like front panels enable users to navigate through the controls, set up the scopes quickly and begin work within minutes.
+1 650 752 5000


Evertz 2405 series: 12V DC modules provide comprehensive fiber-optic signal conversion and signal aggregation capabilities; accomplish wavelength conversions in a single module; compatible between incoming and outgoing feeds; signal aggregation is available for indoor, outdoor and remote events.
+1 905 335 3700; Fax: +1 905 335 0909


Prime Image Digital 50 III: synchronizes digital and analog video; time base corrects analog video; includes full proc amp control on all inputs, freeze control for either field or frame; includes full-time or selectable composite color bar generator.
+1 408 867 6519; Fax: +1 408 926 7294


Teranex Starfront: noise reducer and pre-compression processor application tailored for broadband, DTV broadcast, satellite broadcast and post-production; designed to optimize compressed video distribution; increases the quality of compressed video at any given bandwidth; allows more channels in the same transmission bandwidth; uses advanced processor-per-pixel processing to perform de-interlacing, 3:2 pull-down processing, noise reduction, scene change detection, aspect ratio conversion, detail enhancement and proc amp functions.
+1 407 858 6000; Fax +1 407 858 6001


Leitch dpsVelocity: m-tower and rackmount turnkey systems built around a dual-processor mainboard; configured with one or two processors; has up to a gigabyte of memory; includes a custom removable drive bay subsystem, which allows easy interchange of video hard drives when working on large projects or transporting work to another dpsVelocity system; features a system and audio hard drive, a CD-RW drive, a dual-VGA display card and a rugged chassis.
+1 800 387 0233; Fax: +1 416 443 3088;


First Art Black Box-DV xpander: re-samples the 4:1:1 DV signal in the 4:2:2 domain; applies special filter coefficients to improve keying color correction of the DV images; has an SDI input and output; can be placed either at the DV SDI source or any SDI output of VTRS and video disks; processes DV images in the 601 domain; has only one switch control that selects either on, off, or test signal.
+44 70 920 52 223; Fax: +44 70 923 40 307


Rohde & Schwarz UHF SV7000: modular design and compact size; designed to meet the requirements placed on low-power transmitters; input signals are processed by the Exciter SV700; transmitters are available with output powers of 50 W, 100 W and 200 W; allow up to four transmitters to be accommodated in a rack of 42 height units or up to two transmitters in a rack of 21 height units; choose between classic standby systems and n+1 standby configurations; include two automatic switchover units, which allow separate switchover of the exciter and output stage.
+49 89 412 91 3779; Fax: +49 89 4129 13777


Broadcast Technology Limited MPEG-2 datastream monitor: measures transport stream sync pulse jitter, data byte spacing and transport stream packets in either burst or byte mode and null packet bit measurement; gives ASI character violations; length is detected automatically; control is via RS-232 or optional Ethernet 10-base T interface; user-selectable alarm outputs are provided; isolates and identifies datastream problem areas; allows prompt corrective action to eradicate faults in a transmission feed; prevents modulators from failing.
+44 1264 332 633; Fax: +44 1264 334 509


Crystal Vision Demon: 100mm × 266mm board converts SDI with embedded audio into combinations of component, composite, Y/C and SDI; output is available simultaneously as four mono (two stereo) balanced analog and two balanced or unbalanced AES; select up to four mono audio channels; includes audio error masking and protection; audio monitoring is available via the board edge mini headphone socket and from the frame rear module; features a Toolbox Analyser, which monitors the incoming SDI signal to detect any problems.
+44 1223 506515; Fax: +12 23 506 514;


Quantel's iQ: now integrates with Panasonic's variable frame rate HD camcorder; load tapes from the variable frame rate HD camcorder into iQ to produce slow or fast motion 24 fps clips; iQ uses all of the information from the camcorder, and speed changes are automatic; unique resolution allows the 720p clips from the camcorder to be used in HD or SD projects without any preprocessing.
+44 1635 48222; Fax: +44 1635 815815;


Panasonic newsBYTE50 DVCPRO50/DVCPRO: switch between 50 Mbits/s DVCPRO50 and 25 Mbits/s DVCPRO operation; upload and download video faster than real-time speed; shorten system input and preparation work; intuitive interface features real-time transition effects, direct digitizing to the timeline, eight channels of digital audio, built-in character generator, key learn, real-time video modifications, external VTR control, manual and batch digitize of DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO tapes, and additional shortcut keys.
+1 800 528 8601;


Avid Unity LANshare version 1.0: supports simultaneous dual-stream clients at 10:1 or lower resolution; includes 640 GB storage capacity with removable drives; requires minimal hardware components; has a portable, compact design and an open platform support for connecting third-party tools; can click-and-drag to create or resize virtual partitions; true file-level sharing for all clients available; full administration and monitoring capabilities.
+1 978 640 6789; Fax: +1 978 640 1366 (opens in new tab)


Solid State Logic Avant Plus: control surface is specifically designed for multi-channel video post-production; offers complete dynamic and snapshot automation of all functions; write operations possible at any speed, including zero and online or offline; frame sizes range from 24 up to 96 faders; channel layering provides 96 inputs (48 main and 48 pre-dub) using the 24-fader frame; features a 64 × 8 monitor matrix; capable of using different formats of surround sound.
+44 1865 842 300; Fax: +44 1865 842118


AMS Neve Logic 7: features a 24-bit, 96 kHz operation mode, with 500 processing paths at 48 kHZ and 250 paths at 96 kHz from a single engine; has a strip-based design and encore automation; includes the MIOS 96, a new suite of 96 kHz-capable I/O subsystems.
+44 1282 457011; Fax: +44 1282 417282


Professional Communications Systems: provides turnkey systems and integration services to the broadcast industry; has experience in station relocation, new construction, custom projects and staff training; as a diversifed, publicly owned company, PCS has also the financial, human resources and scale of operation to afford early access and volume procurement of the latest digital technology.
+1 323 436 3500;


Sony DRES777: derives its sound from actual impulse response samples of real acoustic spaces rather than from artificially generated algorithms; up to seven reverb programs can be provided on a single CD-ROM software disc and stored internally for further use; features include 24-bit A/D, D/A converters, 4-channel surround capability and 96 sampling frequency support.
+1 800 686 SONY; +1 201 930 1000
Fax: +1 201 930 4752;



Pinnacle Systems CinéWave RT: offers creative freedom and flexibility to perform real-time editing, effects and compositing with uncompressed standard-definition video; features keyframeable image control and motion effects; create transitions on up to two tracks of video and two tracks of graphics with alpha channels in real-time.
650-526-1600; (opens in new tab)


Thomson multimedia ACM 4200: composed of up to four codec sub-racks and one ATM re-multiplexer sub-rack; includes a telecom control unit allowing for in-band and out-of-band SNMP-based management; compression using MPEG-2 MP@ML and 422P@ML is available from 1 to 50 Mbits/s with SDI, SDTI, or composite video interfaces; audio interfaces include up to two stereo or four mono analog or digital AES/EBU; four 64 kbits/s voice intercom channels also are supported.
+1 800 962 4287;


Standard Communications SDR422CI: fully MPEG-2 and DVB-compliant; has 4:2:2 video processing and audio specifications; features include MPEG-2 Layer II or Dolby AC3 with 5.1 downmixed outputs.
+1 800 745 2445;


Avid NewsCutter XP Mobile: portable news editing system for computers maintains a link to newsroom computer systems and media metadata via high-speed network or video connection; journalists transfer stories from the field to the newsroom for immediate broadcast or Webcast; integrates with linear acquisition systems; fits into any existing linear or nonlinear news production environment; gives editors and reporters unlimited access to all media; finished stories can be sent to playout servers for broadcast within seconds of completion.
+1 978 640 6789; (opens in new tab)