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CBS Sports enlists Harris to support HD college basketball production

Harris is sponsoring HDTV coverage of CBS Sports’ NCAA Basketball "Game of the Week" for the first time and the 2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship for a third consecutive year.

The CBS Sports began HD coverage of the "Game of the Week" with Duke vs. Texas game Dec. 10, 2005. It will continue for the remainder of the regular-season. In addition, Harris and CBS Sports will present Conference Championship Weekend March 11-12 in HDTV. Six of those games will be broadcast in HDTV, including the Conference USA, Pac-10, SEC and Big Ten Championships.

HD coverage of the 2006 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament will include 24 HD games from four of the eight first round sites on March 16-19. This marks the second consecutive year that HD games will have originated from four first round sites. It also will be the second consecutive time all 12 games from the four regional sites will air in HD.

CBS Sports will air the two national semi-final games and the National Championship Game in high definition for the seventh consecutive year.

The telecasts, which will be presented live by CBS Sports, will be unified productions produced in 1080i HD and downconverted for the CBS Television Network's analog broadcast coverage. All HD games will be broadcast in 5.1 channel surround sound.

In total, CBS Sports will produce 58 regular season and tournament games in HDTV this season.

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