ATTO, Emulex certify interoperability of 16Gb Fibre Channel systems

ATTO Technology has announced that its 16Gb Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA FastStream SC 9000 RAID storage controller, FibreConnect 1600 Fibre Channel switches and FibreBridge 6500 Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA bridge have achieved full certification and seamless compatibility with Emulex LightPulse Gen 5 Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs).

Gen 5 Fibre Channel — the new name to specify the latest generation of Emulex 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA products — is designed for the virtualization, cloud and database era. It delivers more than higher I/O operations per second (IOPS) performance and throughput. Emulex Gen 5 HBAs deliver increased SAN reliability, data integrity/availability, management simplicity, reduced operational costs across the data center, and performance acceleration.

The technology-based partnership between ATTO and Emulex ensures the strength of an end-to-end Fibre Channel system.