ATI enables HD video transition on PCs

ATI Technologies presented the first public demonstration of HD H.264 video playback with hardware acceleration on the PC platform.

H.264 is the video compression standard that will be used in the next generation high-definition video players such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

The ATI H.264 video demonstration with ATI's Radeon technology will occur during Computex Taipei 2005 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

H.264 is a new video compression standard that's designed to have two to three times the compression efficiency of current schemes such as MPEG-2, while simultaneously improving overall image quality. This increased compression efficiency is highly computationally demanding, therefore graphics hardware assistance is crucial for real-time decoding of high bit-rate video. Working with companies such as CyberLink, ATI's Radeon graphics acceleration technology meets the high-definition and computational demands of H.264.

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