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Artec Technologies demonstrates XENTAURIX Mobile-TV solution

Artec Technologies introduced new capabilities using RealNetworks Helix Universal Server as part of the XENTAURIX product and solution platform at last month's IBC2013. XENTAURIX media and broadcast systems are network/Internet-based streaming and recording systems for TV and video with sophisticated metadata search. The platform enables media deployment, broadcast compliance monitoring, media editing, competition and ratings surveillance, e-learning and mobile TV.

Using the XENTAURIX Mobile-TV solution, users can define their own unique TV stations with both live and time-shifted content — easily shifting between the two. With the XENTARIX solution, individualized video clips can be called up from a clip list in the user's mobile TV interface using intuitive search terms. The storyboard displayes time-lined image frames of all of the recordings, making them easy to search and navigate.

Helix Universal Server enables the XENTAURIX Mobile-TV solution to take time-shifting to a new level, making it possible to call up TV broadcasts over greatly extended periods of time. The system accesses EPG data, and the broadcast is immediately streamed. With the embedded storyboard, fast-forward and rewind are simple.