Access Hollywood installs FOR-A frame/synch TBC

Audio delay feature helps adjust lip sync
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Access Hollywood is using FOR-A's FA-395 frame synchronizer to streamline the show's time synchronization.

NBC's entertainment magazine, Access Hollywood has installed FOR-A Corporation of America's FA-395 frame synchronizer/time base corrector.

The installation of the FA-395 is part of the overall initiative at the show to streamline the show's time synchronization without any video break-up or lip-sync complication to the signal received at the show's studio in Burbank.

The frame synchronizer/time base corrector supports analog composite, analog component, digital component, digital audio, and analog audio I/O. The unit permits switching between RS-232C for PC control, RS-422 for remote control, and a special remote terminal. Other standard features are GPI control and a remote terminal for connecting up to 100 different units (from FA-350 to FA-395 Series units). The FA-395 features frame-correlated recursive filtering on both Y and C for noise reduction (NR); full-frame memory to prevent picture field inversion; 10-bit digital encoder/decoder for improved bit precision and stability; and 4:2:2 digital component system for internal signal processing.

The new frame sync is connected to one of the dedicated master grid feeds, which are analog. The analog output of the FA-395 is then fed to an analog-to-digital converter before hitting the digital video switcher. It also has SDI inputs and outputs, and a feature that Access Hollywood could use as other portions of NBC’s Burbank studio converts to digital.

The FOR-A FA-350RU remote control for the FA-395 was installed at the technical director’s position, which allows for the flexibility of adjusting any lip sync issues on the fly.

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