Zaxcom to spotlight digital wireless mic systems

At NAB2006, Zaxcom will highlight its new TRX900 and TRX990 digital wireless microphone transceivers. The microphones provide integrated audio recording, IFB receivers and time code transmission.

They can record up to six hours of audio directly to a Flash memory card and then transfer the .WAV files to either a PC or Apple Macintosh for postproduction. Key features of the TRX900 and TRX990 include:

  • Integrated audio recording;
  • Time code transmission, an optional feature that lets users transmit two channels of audio and time code to one receiver on the camera;
  • Built-in IFB, which eliminates the need for talent to wear two separate body packs;
  • RF remote control, which lets the production staff change the parameters of a microphone - such as mic gain, high-pass filter, or the selected channel - from up to 200ft away.

See Zaxcom at NAB2006 in booth N4227, or visit

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