WPBS Taps Crispin System 2000 for Playback

Crispin Corp. has received an expansion order from WPBS, a Watertown, N.Y. nonprofit public television station, to provide additional software, equipment and services.

WPBS selected the Crispin System 2000 application suite to support asset management, satellite recording, media ingest, device control, traffic translation and control of five channels for on-air playback.

The system is configured to requirements laid out by WPBS. The Crispin on-air playback application, RapidPlayX, will provide playlist monitoring and control for the station's on-air channels, allowing users to create and load playlists, edit events, issue playlist commands and monitor event status. The 32-port DeviceServer from Crispin will control Omneon servers, a switcher and multiple VTRs.

WPBS operators will use TurboBrowser, a companion application to RapidPlayX, to locate any video clip in the system. The station also selected the Crispin RecordScheduler to execute consecutive daily schedules of program acquisition events. The Crispin Mapper application will convert WPBS's daily ProTrack traffic schedule into an automated playlist, ready for on-air playback by RapidPlayX. The solution also includes AssetBase, a Web-enabled asset management application, and ArchiveManager for control of archive operations.