World Edition New Products


Leitch shared storage technology: Storage architecture built on modular servers like the VR445 shown above provides integration of ingestion, packaging and transmission functions; scalable VR-445 servers act as Fibre Channel hosts for storage array modules, each holding up to 60 hours of MPEG-compliant video and audio; servers support multiple compression formats to facility system upgrades; MOS protocol enables browse viewing and rundown playback.


Camplex CP-601:

Delivers component or composite camera video signals, program audio, intercom, genlock or full bandwidth return video, and Aux video or IFB; universally interfaces with any professional industrial camera; uses a single coaxial cable to deliver all signals and camera power.


Tandberg Television E5740 DSNG: High-performance, versatile and compact DSNG system; combines low bit-rate encoding performance previously only available in high-end system encoders with a versatile QPSK modulator (upgradeable to 8PSK and 16QAM) in a compact solution; range of features and options available; also offers a version with an L-Band output that includes support for mixing in a communications channel at L-Band.


Magni MCP-601: First in a new line called MagniCoder Premier; the MCP-601 can seamlessly integrate digital DVI and XGA content with an SDI 601 or analog signal; this 1RU product offers several keying and effects capabilities that are typically available on more expensive devices; designed to convert the emerging, high-resolution computer DVI/XGA standard content, allowing it to be overlaid in real time onto an incoming SDI 601 or analog signal.


Vela MediaAdvantage:

Provides access to video management features such as time code aware recording, Longitudinal Time Code input/output, remote access, simultaneous encoding/decoding confidence monitoring, on-screen VGA display of input and output video, and playlist playback.


Snell & Wilcox SwitchPack: Three SD and two HD compact switchers designed for live broadcast and post-production environments where space is at a premium; comprises a 1U SD mainframe and/or a 1U HD mainframe and a common control panel; the SwitchPack 16 features 16 inputs and five keyers, all of which are directly accessed from the control panel.


Sencore TSS3030:

Offers up to 64 simultaneous channels, advanced transport stream processing functions and robust architecture for guaranteed on-air time; material can be stored under a variety of MPEG-2 formats, and channels can be configured individually with bitrates from 3Mb/s to 100Mb/s to obtain the most effective bandwidth usage for each application.


360 Systems' Image Server 2000
: Able to play three independent video programs at once, each with four digital audio channels; a video input is also provided, and recordings may be made while two video programs are playing; supports most MPEG-2 broadcast standards for NTSC and PAL, and can operate in Main or 4:2:2 Profile; employs a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed transfer of program material at low cost.


Bird Technologies Site Analyzer 1700:

Provides accurate and repeatable measurements; for sweep and distance-to-fault testing, the unit offers a high-resolution colory display, fast sweep rate, on-screen comparison of live and recalled trace overlays per report to compare antennas and track performance over time.

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