Wohler Expands A/V Monitoring Systems

SAN FRANCISCO—Wohler has introduced a set of new offerings that will be on display at the 2016 NAB Show. The company will feature two new modules for the AMP2-16V series audio monitors; an eight-channel audio-monitoring device in the AMP1 series; and 4K video displays with quad-split capabilities.

The AMP2-16V series is a 16-channel 2RU A/V workstation with a suite of tools for analyzing and managing audio quality, level and loudness, and metadata. Wohler is unveiling a Dante- and Ravenna-capable module that adds audio-over-IP monitoring functionality to the AMP2-16V platform.

A pared-down version of the AMP1-16-M 1RU 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio monitor will also be available in the form of the AMP-1-8-M. The new module offers intuitive operation for monitoring SDI audio in production applications, with the ability to support the de-embedding and display of eight SDI channels.

Wohler’s new 4K video displays are designed to accommodate UHD content with 10-bit digital processing technology. The displays are available in 42- and 55-inch sizes and can be configured as a quad-split full-HD display of four equal areas, as a large screen with three smaller views, or as a single large display.

The company also announced it has added new sizes to its RMT line of table-top video monitors and RM line of rack-mounted video monitors.

Wohler will display these new products at booth N6089 during the 2016 NAB Show, which runs from April 16-21 in Las Vegas.