Wohler debuts new modular audio processors

At NAB Wohler debuted its new Plus line of modular audio processors, which offer processing and monitoring tailored to terrestrial broadcasting, video over IP, cable, or satellite applications. The highly configurable Wohler/Plus units are designed to address the entire audio signal chain within digital broadcast operations, giving users the ability to choose the specific DSP options they need.

For broadcasters, this means a change in processing requirements no longer requires investment in an entirely new system.

By offering numerous DSP options, the new line of audio products helps broadcasters lower operational costs. The modular system features five processor slots with flexible I/O benefiting from 16 channels or eight AES pairs per card (five cards per system) and includes both monitoring and metering. Other options will include alarms, multiple-channel synchronization, and shuffling of channels for 5.1 or 7.1 signal confidence. Optional inputs feature multirate serial digital embedded audio with Dolby decoding. The 2 RU Wohler/Plus/ features a high-resolution TFT screen and onboard menu system for control, as well as Ethernet and RS-232.

The units can be operated through an integrated menu interface or, in the near future, via Ethernet and RS-232.

For more information, visit www.wohler.com.