WLLA-TV acquires Jampro antenna for DTV service

WLLA-TV, the independent affiliate of Christian Faith Broadcast in Kalamazoo, MI, has purchased a Jampro model JMS UHF slot antenna for the launch of its DTV service.

The station, which previously purchased a Jampro JMS 32-bay UHF slot antenna for its analog channel 64, will use the medium power, top-mount JMS antenna for its new digital channel 45.

This antenna, compatible with DTV as well as NTSC and PAL, is a part of Jampro's Prostar series of UHF slot antennas that have power ratings ranging from 1 to 90kW.

Jampro engineers worked with the station and its consultant, Al Warmus, to design a broadcast pattern with the optimum horizontal pattern to meet WLLA's coverage needs. The new antenna will be factory-tuned to eliminate the need for tuning after installation in Kalamazoo.

For more information, visit: www.jampro.com.