WINK-TV adds Thomson Broadcast MSDCIOT transmitters

Fort Myers, FL-based WINK-TV has chosen Thomson Broadcast’s Multi-Segment Depressed Collector – Inductive Output Tube (MSDC-IOT) transmitters to replace its existing VHF equipment.

Using two DCX Paragon MSDC-IOT UHF transmitters, the CBS affiliate is boosting its total output to 55kW with 1MW effective radiated power to increase the range of coverage in the Fort Myers area and maximize its DTV license.

With the introduction of its new DCX Paragon transmitters during 2011, WINK-TV is positioned to continue its presence in Fort Myers while also benefiting from the enhanced efficiency the Thomson MSDC-IOT technology delivers.

Thomson Broadcast's DCX Paragon transmitters use high-power MSDC-IOT to lower the cost of ownership through efficiency gains of up to 100 percent over conventional IOT technology, reducing energy consumption by one third.