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WCAC relies of Slate 100 switcher for new production vehicle

Watertown, MA, Community Access Center (WCAC), one of the largest public access television facilities in the country, recently built a mobile production vehicle with Broadcast Pix's Slate 100 system at its center.

The Broadcast Pix Slate TV production platform merges a video production switcher with a computer card. With this addition, WCAC became one of the first public access stations to purchase the Slate 100 system. The unit was purchased to produce live community events, such as town meetings and local high school sports competitions.

Slate 100 allows a single user to control an integrated switcher, graphics, clip stores and cameras. The network is planning to install a second Slate system into Watertown's City Hall. This will allow one person to direct an entire municipal meeting using robotic cameras.

Slate 100 mixes up to eight live inputs with up to two clips and five channels of graphics from its included workstation. The live inputs support both timed and asynchronous inputs for a wide range of cameras, videotape recorders and DVD players.

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