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Waves introduces Dorrough metering, UM Series upmix processors

Waves Audio has introduced several new products designed for surround-sound recording in virtual environments. The UM225 and UM226 stereo-to-surround processors are designed to deliver improved imaging and separation for upmixing operations, while the Dorrough Meter Collection comprises software versions of the stereo level meters of the same name.

Using Waves' center- and rear-channel extraction processes, together with an LFE channel-enrichment process, the UM225 (for 5.0) and UM226 (for 5.1) stereo-to-surround processors deliver improved surround imaging with better separation while maintaining the character of the original stereo mix, including absolute levels, relative levels and relative positions in space. For stereo effects on surround soundtracks, enhancing LFE effects or updating archive material to the new HDTV surround standard, the UM225 and UM226 deliver high-quality stereo-to-surround processing.

Key UM225 and UM226 features include superior channel decorrelation and ambience; enhanced clarity and separation of frontal center; profile modes for film and music; advanced LFE channel LoAir enrichment with cut-off/frequency control; adjustable rear-channel ambience; and an intuitive surround graph. The UM225 and UM226 are available together as a single collection and are also available in Waves Mercury and 360º Surround Tools.

Waves Audio is also now shipping its Dorrough Meter Collection, developed in association with Dorrough Electronics. For more than a decade, Waves has been a leader in modeling vintage analog console components to the digital realm. These precision models of classic Dorrough Meters offer the same readability, musicality and accuracy of the original units. Dorrough Meters are renowned for their ability to paint a detailed picture of true loudness, displaying both average and peak levels in a single readout.

Waves Dorrough Meters are the only meters that actually let users see the density of the sound. Features include: superfast peak response, sum and difference energies for optimal stereo-to-mono compatibility, L/R phase correlation and more. The Waves collection offers a choice of horizontal, vertical and arc-type display in three selectable sizes, with selectable reference levels shown on a 40dB scale in 1dB steps.

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