Vislink Links WVUE With Super Bowl Activities

The Vislink Link cameraback transmitter

NEW ORLEANS—The Super Bowl is one of the most highly watched sporting events of the year and Fox affiliate WVUE was right in the center of the action this year with our studio adjacent to the New Orleans Superdome.

We were situated directly in front of the main entrance and fully equipped to cover all of the pre-game action wirelessly with the help of our new Vislink gear. We were able to broadcast everything—interviews, fan cam shots, performances on stage and special commentary—flawlessly. It was beautiful video without a trace of breakup.

The new wireless connectivity was installed last August by Vislink Services and included both wireless camera and backhaul system upgrades.

For portability, we chose the Link wireless camera system with two L1500 wireless camera transmitters and two receivers with associated block downconverters and antennas.

We also added the L3211 barrel booster for amplification, as it includes automatic level control to provide constant transmitter RF output power at all power levels.

The addition of the Vislink LYNX L2174 diversity receive system provided us with confidence that we could have a rock solid signal throughout the events area.


The throughput via the Vislink DXL8000—our 13 GHz tower-located digital backhaul system—provided us with the level of reliability that we have become accustomed to. The DXL8000 also allowed us to return as many as three ASI signals simultaneously to the tower site. This system was designed for flexibility and reliability, and both of these attributes were definitely showcased at this year’s Super Bowl.

The system worked extremely well, allowing us to achieve excellent coverage and range. at the venue There were no restrictions such as being tethered by cables, siting a microwave truck, or having to carry a backpack. This made a very considerable difference in our coverage, as we were able to maintain complete camera mobility throughout the venue.


The Link wireless camera system also provided ultra-low latency and very high-quality video. Another advantage that came with the system was the confidence level it brought with it. We were not at the mercy of the available cellular bandwidth. When comparing our broadcast video with feeds we knew were coming from cellular technology gear there was really no comparison.

For us, having the ability to produce live, high-quality video anytime was really priceless. Even during the long power outage that impacted the game and its coverage, we were not affected at all and continued to transmit content from the venue.

Even though our WVUE system was installed last summer, there was no need to do any additional testing or adjusting prior to the Super Bowl, as its performance has been excellent all along.

Al Domescik is a 20-year veteran of the broadcast industry. He is the director of engineering at WVUE television in New Orleans, and has been with the operation for more than 10 years. He may be contacted

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