Vinten unveils Shift-IS support for legacy Canon DIGISUPER lenses

The Vinten Vector 950 Active pan/tilt head, which complements Canon Broadcast's Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (Shift-IS) lens stabilization technology, can now be used with most existing Canon HD field Shift-IS lenses.

The Vector 950 Active is a heavy-duty pan/tilt head designed to carry studio and OB cameras equipped with large zoom lenses weighing up to 264lbs. Vinten's intelligent, integral, real-time digital electronic positioning technology allows for precise and accurate pan-and-tilt data from the head to be transmitted to the stabilization systems of Canon's DIGISUPER 100xs and DIGISUPER 86xs long-field zoom lenses. That technology is now also available as an optional upgrade on the DIGISUPER 100xs, DIGISUPER 86xs II and DIGISUPER 75xs legacy models equipped with Canon's Shift-IS lens technology.

Special encoders in the Vector 950 Active provide pan-and-tilt data, which is linked through a high security protocol to the Canon lens where it is processed to maximize the performance of the Shift-IS image stabilization system. The result is a dynamic image stabilization system that can determine intentional camera movement from unintentional vibration.

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