Vinten Radamec offers fully robotic pedestal

At IBC2009, Vinten Radamec unveiled its flexible Fusion FP188VR, a robotic camera pedestal that senses its position based on a compact, L-shaped floor target that is unobtrusive and works with any floor surface. The design uses a new differential wheel-truck system to provide precision and shot stability. When combined with the FHR120VR robotic head with state-of-the-art encoders, which feature 1 million positions per full revolution, the full system enables tracking and control of all movements to ensure image synchronization between real and virtual elements.

The Fusion FP188VR can also be converted at the turn of a switch from a fully robotic to a manual pedestal, including the Vinten Perfect Balance system. Even in the robotic mode, the pedestal has a payload capacity of 187lbs, sufficient for any camera with prompter and confidence monitor.

The company’s IBC demonstration also included other Vinten Radamec studio robotic systems and the HDVRC, an HD version of the Vinten Radamec control system. The HDVRC offers easy setup of multiuser, multifacility control of legacy Autocam and Radamec and current Fusion pedestals, heads and elevation units as well as products from the current Vinten Radamec range. The high precision of all shot and pedestal movements is now fully compatible with HD video and graphics.