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Utah Scientific to debut UTAH-400/XL

At IBC2008, Utah Scientific will make the European debut of the UTAH-400/XL, which offers a 1056 x 1056 routing switcher in 20RU.

Designed specifically for large-scale routing capacity in limited physical space, the UTAH-400/XL offers reductions in the physical space and power consumption requirements typically associated with large routing systems and uses industry-standard BNC connectors.

The company also will show for the first time in Europe its UTAH-400/528R, a new frame for large routers up to 528 x 528 with fully automatic internal crosspoint redundancy. Giving users the ability to install a full 528 x 528 router in 20RU, the UTAH-400/528R uses standard 75ohm BNC coaxial connectors.

See Utah Scientific at IBC Stand 2.B20, or visit