Uplinker converts Super Bowl XLII HD world feed frame rate with FRC-7000

International satellite transmission and video production company TV2GO uplinkedSuper Bowl XLII earlier this month to broadcasters in Europe and Asia in HD using FOR-A’s FRC-7000 frame rate converter.

Fourteen stations took in the world feed as their primary source. They included England’s BSkyB, SkyItalia, Russia’s NTV+, Diasat in Denmark, Belgium’s Telinet, FOX Sports Turkey, Yes TV in Israel, Canal Plus in Poland, ARD in Germany, Canal+ in Spain, PCCW and AGV in Hong Kong, SMG in Shanghai and CCTV in China.

BBC in London and FujiTV in Japan accepted TV2GO’s signal as a backup to their own feed.

The FOR-A FRC-7000 uses motion compensation processing by motion vectors to convert field frequencies and enables conversion between different HD frame rates.

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