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TVU Networks Makes News Feeds Easy

The TVU Networks TVUPack in use
BARCELONA, SPAIN—Lavinia TV is part of Grup Vertice 360º here. We have a fleet of 19 DSNG satellite trucks and one COFDM-equipped vehicle to provide transmission services throughout Spain, France and Belgium.

Early last year, we began looking for alternative transmission solutions to our existing systems. One of our main challenges was to achieve lower costs in connection with transmission services, and to come up with more compact and manageable equipment. One technology that we were interested in exploring is based on the use of multiple 3G links for transmitting broadcast-quality video.


Various systems were evaluated during 2010 in a 3G testing environment at Lavinia TV facilities, and after testing these systems, our technical department decided to go with the TVUPack from TVU Networks. This system proved to be the best in delivering the highest picture quality and most stable transmission from different field environments.

We have now used the TVUPack in different challenging environments and find that the technology enables us to deliver a picture quality that matches the demands of the broadcasting industry.

Lavinia TV is now equipped with three TVUPack systems to provide services for a magazine TV program that runs two hours daily in connection with morning and afternoon news broadcasts. The results have been surprisingly good.

We also used the TVUPack to provide coverage of the last general elections in Catalonia and a lottery drawing at Christmas. It had made live broadcasts possible from places that we had never covered before due to the complexity associated with conventional transmission systems.

The portable, lightweight TVUPack has allowed our teams to freely capture news quickly and effectively, significantly broadening the capabilities of gathering news in areas that are difficult to get to during periods of bad weather.


In fact, TVUPack has enabled Barcelona TV to be the only national television network to deliver live coverage of some events. Other channels had to record the content and then uplink the coverage to their operations centers.

The broadcast industry is facing growing demands for live coverage in difficult conditions, and TV stations are being challenged to deliver this coverage in HD quality and in a flexible and moving environment. The TVUPack has certainly made it easier for us to do this kind of coverage.

While the TVUPack technology doesn't replace conventional transmission systems, it has provided great flexibility, and has allowed us to experiment with new ways to deliver television.

Our goal in 2011 is to expand the use of TVUPack to provide more services to our broadcast customers.

Joan Masip began his professional career at the Territorial Centre of TVE in Barcelona in 1991. He may be contacted at

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