TSL Updates Range of Monitoring Offerings

(Image credit: TSL Products)

MARLOW, U.K.—TSL Products has unveiled updates to its audio monitoring solutions, including enhancements for its SAM-Q platform, MPA1 and PAM-IP products, as part of its digital IBC Connected initiative.

The company also announced that all of its Dante-enabled audio monitors now support Dante Domain Manager.

“TSL continues to focus on developing audio monitoring solutions that provide integration opportunities with third-party control solutions, as well as incorporating new platforms that take audio monitoring to the next level,” said TSL Products audio product manager Stephen Brownsill.

Its SAM-Q-SDI now includes new features like audio phase metering and loudness monitoring. The SAM-Q loudness license allows loudness data to be logged and monitored via an Ethernet network, making possible audio analysis while maintaining simplicity of operation, the company said.

Owners of SAM-Q-SDI can now buy an optional MADI monitoring license that allows one or both SDI inputs to be switched to and from the MADI source, the company said.

TSL Products also is releasing for free SAM-Q-EDIT, a tool that allows SAM-Q-SDI owners to create, modify and edit configurations with a PC. 

The company has expanded its MPA1 product line with the addition of the MPA1-SOLO-IP, offering SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2110 audio and video monitoring and redundant network connectivity. The product has two SFP+ ports for IP connectivity. It offers SDI, AES and analog audio source monitoring, the company said.

TSL Products also has redesigned the user interface of its MPA1-MIX-V audio monitors to address the challenges of live production. It offers SNMP control capabilities, making the unit appropriate for use in broadcast control systems, it said.

The PAM-IP line has been updated with new functions beyond audio and video monitoring. It allows SMPTE ST 2110 multicast flow subscriptions to be managed using in-band or out-of-band network connections and control protocols like Ember+, NMOS IS-04/05 or TSL’s own RESTful API. Subscription status and health status information can be monitored remotely over a network with the PAM-IP webpage, TSL Products.

The company also has added support for Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager to all of its Dante audio monitors, including its PAM1-IP, PAM2-IP, MPA1-SOLO-DANTE, MPA1-MIX-DANTE and MPA1-MIX-DANTE-V.

More information is available on the company’s website.

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