Transferring HD videotape to secure digital storage made easier

Front Porch Digital introduced its SAMMAsolo HD migration solution, built on the company's newly patented SAMMA video migration process. It performs real-time, quality-controlled migration of content from HD videotape into a secure, managed digital environment that supports preservation and facilitates access.

SAMMAsolo migration solutions combine hardware and software to move archive-quality content from videotape to multiple file formats in a single pass. Because SAMMAsolo automates repetitive steps and uses advanced signal analysis to evaluate the quality of the videotape and to monitor and document the migration itself, the work can be accomplished with minimal staff training or staff time. The process preserves source time code and also associates indexing and technical metadata.

The SAMMA migration solution includes SAMMAprep for accessioning videotape libraries, SAMMAclean for cleaning the videotape itself, and the SAMMAsolo device, which performs the actual digitization. A four- or seven-stream migration robot is also available. Designed for maximum flexibility, the SAMMAsolo HD enables users to customize their own output migration templates by specifying formats to meet their storage and usage goals as well as the quality control requirements of their tape library. Output files, stored locally on the SAMMAsolo cache disk, can be passed to any destination using the FTP gateway, or transferred to Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive content storage management system for facilitated storage, access and repurposing.

Front Porch Digital's SAMMAsolo HD is part of the fourth generation of SAMMA technology under the DIVASolutions banner of products to migrate, manage and market media content securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.