Touring Video Travels With Stagetec Console

Touring Video’s Stagetec installation
BURBANK, CALIF.—I started up Touring Video, a remote video facilities company that specializes in HD broadcast productions out of my garage in 1989. It was a one-man operation consisting of a single multi-camera flypack and a few projectors. Touring Video has now grown into one of the premier video facilities companies on the West Coast. Our clients range from small independent production companies to the national networks, and we also do many large venue concert films, award shows, and premier corporate events.

With such a variety of clients and shows, I find it necessary to select equipment that can handle any situation. Show specifications rarely stay the same from concept to wrap, often changing on a moment's notice. We kept this in mind when designing our newest 53-foot HD production truck.

After spending months evaluating audio consoles and talking with vendors, I purchased a Stagetec Crescendo console with the Nexus routing system, based on both the unit's amazing technical features and the outstanding customer support from Stagetec USA and their Los Angeles dealer, GMA. There are many well-known audio consoles and equipment providers out there, but after receiving a demonstration of the Crescendo and dealing with the company's sales and technical staff, selection became a no-brainer. We invited some of the best audio mixers in the area to give us their honest opinion of the Crescendo, compared with other consoles they've used. The feedback was all-around positive.


The engineers like it from a technical standpoint, and the producers and post supervisors noticed the sound quality. Our Crescendo, paired with the Nexus routing system, provides a one-stop solution to audio control. Each of the truck's inputs and outputs feeds to and from the Nexus mainframe, whether it's as analog, AES, or MADI signal. Our video router takes MADI direct from the Nexus mainframe, providing 128 audio sources for embedding from just two cables. The benefit of having an audio console/router combination is that anything that goes into the Nexus can be controlled on the Crescendo console surface with just a single fiber pair. Elimination of a separate audio router saved us space and money.

There's also tremendous growth potential in the Stagetec. We designed our system with our "normal" clientele in mind, but left room for expansion. Extra MADI and fiber lines run from the Nexus mainframe to the I/O and various locations throughout the truck, so if we need an extra intensive audio setup all we have to do is rent or purchase another interface device or two and connection is just plug-and-play.

The bottom line is that the Crescendo and Nexus offered everything we were looking for: ease of use, flexible, cost effective, growth potential, and great customer support. There's never been a situation where the Crescendo hasn't been able to meet the demands of a production. I intend to use Stagetec products in all our future integrations.

Doug Armstrong is the president and founder of Touring Video. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Stagetec USA at 888-782-4391 or visit