Total RF turns to RF Central transmitters for U.S. Open

To cover the United States Golf Association’s 2007 U.S. Open from Oakmont Country Club, Total RF selected RF Central for camera-mounted RF transmitters.

Broadcasters transmitted live action to a global audience with RF Central’s RF Extreme line of 2GHz camera transmitters.

Total RF designed, built and operated the microwave systems at the event. The company used RF Central’s Central Camera Mount Transmitter (RFX-CMT) to transmit wireless video from the event. Total RF employed more than a dozen compact CMTs, which delivered video of all the action. RF Central’s RF Extreme products served NBC Television, ESPN,, Japan’s TV Asahi and Europe’s B-Sky-TV.

A team of trained engineers and technicians took to the golf course with the CMTs, which transmit COFDM digital video with one frame of delay. RF Central’s RF Extreme transmitters were received across the course at multiple antenna locations, and the signal was then transmitted back to broadcast control by more than 110,000ft of 12-strand fiber — more than 250mi of fiber — across the course.

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