Thomson to unveil autoCORRECT function for Ignite robotic camera system

At NAB2008, Thomson will introduce new functionality for its Grass Valley Ignite SD/HD integrated production system, including autoCORRECT facial tracking technology.

The autoCORRECT technology for Ignite’s SDC/HDC robotic camera systems allows for unmanned, automatic tracking of anchors and other on-air talent in a studio environment. The autoCORRECT technology automatically adjusts pan, tilt and zoom functions on the SDC/HDC robotic cameras to keep the talent properly framed within the shot.

This functionality will be available as a hardware and software option for the Thomson Grass Valley Ignite SDC and HDC robotic cameras, operating in tandem with the Thomson Grass Valley JSC-2300 SHOT Director joystick controller.

Once set up to track one or more faces, the cameras smoothly make subtle adjustments to keep the talent ideally positioned in the frame, which accommodates chair movement and other common live broadcast occurrences.

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