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The Broadcast Engineering magazine Pick Hit Awards come to IBC Pick Hits

The industry's longest-running product technology awards for broadcast and production technology have been awarded to NAB exhibitors for 20 years. Now, these prestigious accolades come to IBC.

A panel of independent judges toured the IBC exhibition floor for three days looking for innovative technology. They then met to make their selections based on multiple criteria, including the device's contribution to the significant technical and financial improvements they can bring to a facility's operation. Our editors and publishers have no vote in the selection process. Congratulations to the following manufacturers for their innovative and creative technology solutions.

The 2005 Pick Hits judges:

Alan Downie, Consultant

Adrian Exton, Consultant

Chris Howe, BBC Broadcast

Joop Span, Aspect Video

Jorge de la Torre Sánchez-Bravo, Consultant

Nigel Spratling, Consultant


+44 1954 234 100

The AmiNET124 is a compact set-top box with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 support. With an Ethernet input and highly flexible audio and video outputs, it provides an elegant and powerful means of delivering interactive digital television, including multicast, on-demand video and Internet access.



The HD-Connect LE integrates video, audio, time-code and deck control into one effective box. This portable unit offers the features of conversion to HD or SD, allowing users to output to a wide variety of formats. It offers two modes of deck control: RS-422 to 1394 and 1394 to RS-422.


+34 91 521 4603

3G News is a software application that simultaneously visualizes and records audio and video streams originating at a 3G mobile unit. It can receive up to six different streams or signals at the same time from a 3G pocket mobile unit and record all of the incoming signals simultaneously, translating a chosen signal into an SDI output to be used as an input to a TV mixer, all in real time.


+49 0 6150 18170

The Testor is a compact, self-contained video and audio test generator designed to test multiformat digital infrastructures. It addresses both video and audio verification applications and includes an eight-channel (4xAES) audio test generator with adjustable frequency, phase and gain, plus selectable momentary pause for each channel. The audio is supplied as external AES audio and also embedded into the two simultaneous test video outputs.



The Analyst RS422/RS232 tester allows users to quickly and easily isolate and identify RS-422 and RS-232 interface problems, whether testing cable runs between floors or between buildings. It verifies RS-422/RS-232 signal paths and chases down RS-422 to RS-232 adapter problems.


+30 211 12 10;

These optical lens converters enable video and filmmakers to pull focus. The system can be used with any digital camera as well as with any film camera. A system of lenses makes the effect possible, and a specially manufactured macro lens gives a distortion-free picture if used in combination with most regular 35mm lenses.


+44 1476 530900

The Vutrix dual 7in HD SDI flat screen displays HD formats up to 1920×1080. The display technologies use licensed BBC Research technology with motion interpolation and video lock to input 50Hz. VX processing has advanced color temperature and gamma correction facilities, which conform to R65 colorimetry. A separate option allows installation in the Tektronix 1705F series rack.


+44 1494 729728

This portable test system is a handheld HD and SD waveform monitor/vectorscope analyzer. It provides measurement and monitoring using patented digital processing. It covers HD, SD and SDI standards, plus CAV, composite Y/C and DV with plug-in options.


+49 611 235 481

The HD camcorder system combines a progressive native 16:9 HD 3-CCD imaging system with an HD-quality Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens. It uses P2 solid-state storage of MXF files and supports 1080i/720p/576i recording.


+44 0117 3101 244

Cerify is a fully automated system for verifying and checking content prior to transmission or use. All aspects are checked, including compliance and correctness to video and audio standards, video formats, resolutions, bit rates and video quality. Video in any compressed format can be checked.


+31 75 6572450

Multibridge Extreme and Multibridge Studio are bidirectional converters that instantly switch between HD and SD, feature 4:2:2 and dual link 4:4:4 video quality and include the new high-speed PCI Express connection. This product supports Windows XP and Mac OS X.


+43 1 585 25 34

This modular optical network system can transport any signal type via optical fibre, including HD-SDI and mixed formats, radically streamlining the signal path. Native conversion technology is also built into the X-Switch, making signal, sync and time conversions all available within the same platform. The system can be configured to provide any desired level of channel protection.



Blue|328 is a small, digital, eight-bus audio mixer. A variety of input options — including HD-SDI, AES and analog (microphone and line level) — allow you to connect up to 32 channels of input sources. It can mix a total of 16 channels at one time through eight stereo faders and one master fader.


+31 35 6469210

The DTU-225 is a convenient, compact portable ASI/SDI I/O USB adapter that can be used for reading either an MPEG-2 transport stream (DVB-ASI) or uncompressed serial digital video (SDI). It is an easily installable replacement of a PCI-based ASI or a SDI input card and features USB full- and high-speed operation. It is USB bus-powered, with no power supply required.


+44 20 8813 1666;

This Wi-Fi camera link uses wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a technology with a range of approximately 50m. It allows high-quality composite, S-Video PAL or NTSC with stereo audio to be transmitted from a camera to a monitor. It is ideal for remote monitoring requirements, including as a director's assist. It fits directly onto most ENG cameras, between the camera and the battery.


+44 20 8962 5000;

The HHB FlashMic is a professional digital recording microphone. Combining a high-quality, Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with a built-in, broadcast-quality Flash recorder, it is a convenient, easy-to-operate and durable recorder.


+49 361 2218840

The TT TV-Stick is an external, low-cost and high-performance DVB-T receiver that allows for connection to a notebook or personal computer via USB version 2.0. It features a DVB-T receiver for reception of data broadcasts, such as digital TV or radio programs. An MPEG-2 software decoder for TV and radio applications is included.


+44 0 1635 48222

Newsbox is a range of news production systems, pre-configured and tested to work straight out of the box. The heart of all Newsbox systems is the editing server based on Quantel sQ and Frame Magic technology. The production workstations provide instant access to recorded material for shot selection, editing or reviewing finished stories.


+47 33 48 99 99;

The AV-HD-XMUX is an embedder and de-embedder in one multiformat SD/HD product. Its module embeds four AES streams with selectable sample rate conversion, allowing sampling rates from 8kHz to 216kHz. It offers comprehensive audio processing functionality.


+44 1483 771663;

EV i-Pal is a portable 7in high-resolution display device that records composite video as MPEG-4 on its internal 20GB hard drive and plays it back through a composite output. It can be used as a camera display and recorder to review shots without interfering with the master recording. It stores and plays MPEG-4 films, MP3 music and digital images, and it can be used as a 20GB pen drive.