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Telemetrics Aids PJTV in Virtual Studio

PJTV’s El Segundo studio
PJTV is a division of Pajamas Media and specializes in live and live-to-tape video news production for the Web. At the time PJTV first began operationsat the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul,it was the only online news media organization to be accorded a full television booth along with the traditional media networks.

Since that time, we have evolved into the country's first center-right online television network, with home studios in El Segundo, Calif. and additional studios in Washington, D.C., New York City, Denver, Knoxville, Tenn., and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our El Segundo facility is used for live newscasts, interviews and opinion/editorial pieces. We also do recorded commentary and comic political videos. The studio is equipped with Panasonic HVX 500 cameras and Canon lenses, with two of these mounted on remotely controlled Telemetrics Televator Elevating Pedestals that provide pan/tilt functionality. A third camera is mounted on the Telemetrics H-frame Elevating Wall Mount System, which provides vertical and horizontal positioning, along with pan and tilt camera movement. The Wall Mount System also includes encoders for use with a virtual set.


This Telemetrics gear is used in conjunction with Orad's virtual studio system. In this limited space (400 square feet), this virtual set technology has allowed us to create the same number and kinds of productions as would be possible in a full-sized studio with a full crew.

The camera that's mounted on the H-frame can perform wide sweeping shots, and its positional information being generated via the Telemetrics pan/tilt encoder units is sent to the Orad virtual studio computer. This virtual studio system makes it appear that we're shooting our productions in a much larger studio environment. This has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective system that really helps provide high production values.

Back in the control room, a single operator can control all three cameras from a touchscreen panel via a Telemetrics CP-D-3A remote control panel and CP-STS-S studio control software. The package allows the operator to call up pre-set shots and moves with a preview feature for on-air moves. Camera control functions are facilitated by a special Telemetrics control screen that emulates Panasonic's camera control panel, adding to the overall operational efficiency.


We brought in a local factory-authorized technician to perform the installation, with Telemetrics providing telephone support and general oversight. When this was completed, Telemetrics sent out an engineer to ensure the quality and viability of the installation and to commission the system. The system has worked very well since its installation and the after sales service provided by Telemetrics is second to none. With their quick response to any calls, Telemetrics has resolved any problems that have arisen after the installation to PJTV's complete satisfaction.

Throughout the entire operation, from design through installation, commissioning and after-sales service and maintenance, our experience and interactions with Telemetrics have been outstanding. The company has been involved, supportive and responsive and the equipment performance is superlative. Our business model would not have been possible without the Telemetrics camera control systems and PJTV would not hesitate to recommend the Telemetrics company and their products to anyone who wants to take their video production to the next level.

Dvaid Chung has been working in the broadcast/television industry for the past 13 years, and has been with PJTV for the past 19 months. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Telemetrics at 201-848-9818 or