swXtch.io Executive Briefing

(Image credit: swXtch)

swXtch.io has released an innovative virtual overlay network that offers some key enhancements for media production in the cloud, including true IGMP Multicasting and PTP Time distribution.  These technologies, which are used extensively within media production facilities and ST 2110 workflows, are not readily available in today’s cloud environments.  By deploying these virtual swXtch capabilities within standard cloud compute instances, broadcasters and content producers can deploy efficient point-to-multipoint workflows just as they would in a ground environment, simplifying the migration of workflows to the cloud and allowing construction of complex multipoint distribution systems.

In this webinar, you'll hear about:

- How multicasting transforms the cloud experience for broadcasters

- How it is possible to do accurate PTP synchronization in the cloud

- A short history of swXtch.io and how they are growing to meet the needs of broadcasters and other major vertical markets

- Their recently announced agreement with AWS, and how swXtch.io supports dynamic workloads.

Join Geeter Kyrazis , Business Lead for swXtch.io and Wes Simpson, founder of LearnIPvideo.com and Contributing Editor for TV Technology magazine for a short, informative discussion about this cutting edge technology that could revolutionize the way that cloud-based workflows are deployed.

You can also download the exclusive multicast content guide, “Multicast in the Cloud for Broadcast & Media” here.