Sun launches video streaming platform

Sun Microsystems has introduced the Sun Streaming System, a massively scalable video delivery platform for cable and telecommunications operators. The system helps operators increase subscriber revenue by offering new video-based services and personalized, unique video streams to each consumer.

The platform leverages the Solaris 10 Operating System to deliver high video streaming capacity by enabling personalized video delivery over existing optical network infrastructure.

The Sun Streaming System can support up to 160,000 simultaneous, unique video streams at the rate of 2Mb/s and a price of less than $50 per stream for a complete video headend. Thirty-two integrated 10 GigE optical networking ports combine multiplexing, switching and routing all in one high-density video streaming package.

The Sun Streaming System is an integrated platform composed of a distributed software suite running on Sun Fire x64 systems, storage and switching technologies. Key components of the Sun Streaming System are the new Sun Streaming Software, the new Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch, the Sun Fire X4500 data server and the Sun Fire X4100 systems.

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