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SSL Jumps Into New Markets, Intros Gear

by Susan Ashworth~ April 25, 2006


Solid State Logic comes to NAB2006 to announce it has taken a big leap into a new market with the introduction of a broadcast video production system known as the MediaWAN technology platform.

After merging forces with Broadcast Devices LLC, Solid State Logic devised and engineered the MediaWAN in an effort to expand Solid State Logic's reach into new markets.

"It's our intention to make Solid State Logic a major player in the integration of video and audio within production environments," said Anthony David, managing director of Solid State Logic.

The MediaWAN platform, he said, will serve as a springboard for a range of future products.

"This release fits into the future vision here at Solid State Logic," said Niall Feldman, director of product marketing. This solution is particularly suited for news productions, he said, due to its user-friendly interface and its cost-effective IT-based networking technology.


Components of the platform include the MediaWAN Gravity, a scalable broadcast production system, and the MediaWAN Backhaul, which allows users to automatically ingest video and audio content at central servers from encoders installed at remote locations.

Solid State Logic also announced several new solutions and enhancements to its traditional audio consoles, including the introduction of MORSE, known as the Modular Resource Sharing Engine, which offers resource sharing capabilities to users of the C100 digital broadcast console. The system allows broadcasters to mix and match their source rooms to available consoles.

The company also announced the next generation of its AWS900 analog workstation system. The new AWS 900+ features new control protocols for a range of digital audio workstations. Features include tighter integration with many DAW platforms, enhancements to displays and meters, and sleek platinum styling.

The company also released new DAW control software for its C200 digital production console. Version 3.2 now offers new GPI control options allowing for remote control of external equipment, and a new DAW control option.

Attendees to the Solid State Logic booth will also see the new-generation C300 master studio system digital console, designed for film and post applications. This compact console offers integrated workstation control, automation features and signal processing capability.

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