Sprint-Nextel Clarifies MRC Coderunner 2 and 4 Replacement Policy

In a recent clarification to its BAS 2 GHz Relocation Program, Sprint Nextel announced that, rather than authorize digital upgrades to MRC's analog CodeRunner 2 and CodeRunner 4 microwave radios, owners of such equipment can have them replaced with new digital-ready CodeRunner 2s and CodeRunner 4s, respectively.

The decision was made in an effort to streamline the transition process based on Sprint's concerns as to their own ability to control the customer return process in a timely fashion, and thus should eliminate any potential customer inconvenience. From a cost standpoint, there will be no difference to the customer.

For a complete explanation from MRC, go to http://www.mrcbroadcast.com/press/Press6-28-06.htm.