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Sound Devices announces firmware update for 552 production mixer

Sound Devices has introduced the 1.2 firmware update for its 552 production mixer. The firmware release is available to all 552 users through a free download on the company’s website and includes functional enhancements as well as important upgrades.

One upgrade is a new input mute feature, which allows users to quickly remove any input from the active output mix. The input's signal activity LED illuminates solid red when muted. This is a benefit in fast-moving reality-style productions, where cast members are often moved in and out of a scene.

Another important upgrade is that it allows users to ease editing with Final Cut Pro, when no valid time code input is detected, as time code and speed related metadata is nulled. This prevents Final Cut from assigning a time code rate and a possible unintended speed change. The 552 continues to store the time of day value as a start time code stamp in bEXT when no valid time code input is detected.

In addition, the update includes split ear return metering, an auto-record feature on time code advance and a record-pause function. The update also enables the slate mic on the 552 to be available during file playback, makes the “record time remaining” announcement visible while still recording, and has added meter ballistics and file metadata capabilities.