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Sony Launches New Generation of UWP-D Wireless Mics

NEW YORK—Sony is beginning to launch its next generation of UWP-D series wireless microphones, starting with the UWP-D21 that is now available. Other new models, including the UWP-D22 and UWP-D26, will begin shipping in December.

The UWP-D wireless mics offer support for Multi-Interface Shoe and a new digital audio interface. The series enables direct digital audio interface and delivers high sound quality with low noise by skipping the D/A and A/D process in combination with a new SMAD-P5 MI shoe adapter and compatible camcorders with firmware version 3.0.

The mics also share audio information such as RF level meter, audio mute status and low battery alerts for the transmitters and displays them on the viewfinder. Audio signals can be transmitted from the wireless received to a connected camera sans cable connection by using the SMAD-P5.

In addition, there is an NFC Sync feature designed for frequency setting. Users can hold the NFC Sync button for a few seconds to automatically scan for the appropriate frequency and allow the channel to be sent to the transmitter through Near Field Communication.

The UWP-D21 comes with a URX-P40 portable receiver and UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter; the UWP-D22 also features the URX-P40 and UTX-M40 handheld wireless microphone; and the UWP-D26 has all the accessories of the UWP-D21 and a UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter.