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Sony Expands UWP-D Wireless Mic Series

PARK RIDGE, N.J.—Sony has introduced two new additions to its UWP-D wireless microphone series, the URX-S03D two-channel slot-in receiver and the UTX-B03HR bodypack transmitter.


The URX-S03D is a two-channel system that can receive two different RF signals in one receiver unit. It features two receiving antennas and separate RF circuits for each channel. The stronger RF signal from the two antennas is automatically selected for output. The receiver can utilize Sony’s Digital Audio Processing for backward compatibility with previous generations. It is also is compatible with Sony’s XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders, able to fit in the slot of each camera. Additional features include automatic channel setting with IR sync, active channel scan, large display and simple menus, and a bandwidth up to 72 MHz. The URX-S03D can be used for V-mount and mixer bag operation through a wireless adapter.

Sony’s new UTX-B03HR comes equipped with a four-pin Hirose microphone connector for ENG shooting. A standard broadcast lavalier microphone can be used with the transmitter connector. The bodypack transmitter features Sony’s Digital Audio Processing; is compatible with the UWP-V series and WL-800 series; USB for power supply or charging batteries; a switchable MIC/LINE input level; an attenuator; IR Sync with receiver; and bandwidth up to 72 MHz.

Sony plans to release both the URX-S03D and UTX-B03HR in the spring.