Siano advances grasp on Chinese mobile TV device market

When a multiplicity of major Chinese handset manufacturers chose Siano’s CMMB receiver chip, they positioned the company to be the leading chip provider for as many as 30 million handsets and 10 million MP3 and MP4 players annually, a large slice of the Chinese CMMB industry.

Siano will power CMMB-equipped handsets from K-Touch (Tianyu), ZTE and CEC Telecom as well as a number of MP4/PMP products by Aigo. Planned for an early 2009 launch, the newly upgraded CMMB devices comply fully with the CMMB conditional access system and with the secure broadcast system standards. The CAS is designed to enable pay-TV services that will be added this year to existing CMMB free-to-air channels. SBC blocks pirated CMMB signals.

The Chinese brands’ move to offer CMMB mobile TV reflects both rising Chinese interest in mobile TV and an industrywide belief that mobile TV will prove the top sales factor for mobile phones during economic recession. "We estimate that CMMB will ultimately become the most popular mobile TV technology worldwide and look forward to witnessing huge market ramp-up in China in 2009,” said Siano CEO Alon Ironi.

Siano offers two versions of its CMMB chipset: SMS1180 and SMS1185. The SMS1180 supports one antenna per each spectrum band, while the SMS1185 supports antenna diversity on a single chip for both terrestrial UHF and satellite S-band signals. Both solutions feature high sensitivity, mobility and component integration as well as low power consumption. The chip comes bundled with software drivers for Windows XP/Vista, Linux and Windows Mobile.

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