Shure develops side address condenser mics for podcasters

Shure has announced that its new PG27USB and PG42USB side address condenser microphones for podcasting are now shipping. The new microphones allow traveling podcasters using a portable computer to create and capture professional sound quality from the road.

The PG27USB and PG42USB microphones connect professional-caliber mic capsules to any USB computer port with plug and play performance. These cardioid condenser microphones feature built-in headphone monitoring with zero latency and monitor mix control, enabling users to instantly hear what they’re recording and make adjustments on the go.

The key difference between the PG27USB and PG42USB microphones is the application for which they were designed. The PG27USB features a flat, neutral frequency response for reproduction of a wide variety of instrument and vocal sounds. The PG42USB was specially engineered for vocal use. Its large diaphragm, low-cut filter and external shock-mount are all optimized for the higher sensitivity required for vocal performances.

Both mics feature a large diaphragm capsule that provides wider dynamic range, clear highs and strong lows. Both mics carry a two-year limited warranty.