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Shotoku Broadcast to announce enhanced robotic camera systems

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a UK-based camera support and virtual reality tracking system vendor, will exhibit a new two-stage pneumatic pedestal and perfect counter-balance pan and tilt head at IBC 2011. On the robotic side, the company will show enhancements to improve ease-of-use and help cut costs.

The TP200 two-stage pneumatic pedestal has a maximum payload of over 80kg (177lbs) and supports various camera configurations. Then the SX300 perfect counter-balance pan and tilt head, designed to support portable cameras with viewfinders and prompters, has a maximum payload of 38kg (83.8lbs). This supports a range of precise balance mechanisms for different camera configurations, and can be mounted on flat base or 150mm ball.

Also on show will be the TR-T Control system, with the addition of HD/SDI support and an advanced 16:9 acoustic-pulse touch screen. On top of this, Shotoku's latest TRP-100 robotic pedestal will be on show, designed for studio applications including news, sports, and current affairs. Key features include precise navigation with Shotoku's proven virtual reality tracking technology, full manual override with air-balanced height, and three-level safety systems.