Sennheiser upgrades top-of-the-line handheld transmitter

Sennheiser has released the second generation of its premium wireless handheld transmitter, the SKM 5200-II. The new upgrade provides expanded switching bandwidth of up to 184MHz and adds a new low intermodulation mode, which increases the number of usable channels in crowded RF environments. The SKM 5200-II continues the expansion of Sennheiser’s wideband wireless systems. Earlier this year, the company launched the SK 5212-II body-pack transmitter and the EM 3732-II receiver family.

Sennheiser’s new low intermodulation mode provides roughly 30 percent more simultaneous channels in a given frequency band and works by increasing the linearity of the amplifier’s 10mW output mode. As a result, the available spectrum can be used more efficiently and with increased reliability. The transmitter can also operate in its standard 10mW mode for extended operating time or at 50mW to increase transmission range.

The SKM 5200-II handheld transmitter is available in black, nickel and steel blue and can be fitted with a wide range of premium capsules, including Sennheiser’s MD 5235 and Neumann’s KK104 and KK105. Available frequency ranges include 470-638MHz (L-band), 614-697.9MHz (N-US band) and 614-798MHz (N-band, for export use only).