Sennheiser launches paintable MKE 1-M clip-on mic

At IBC2010, Sennheiser launched a paintable version of its miniature MKE 1 lavalier microphone, the MKE 1-M. Already a popular choice for theatrical and televised events, the clip-on mic can now be colored with markers or spray paint to allow blending with costume and makeup.

Like its sister models, the MKE 1-M has a full, natural sound with plenty of lower midrange and excellent presence. It measures a miniscule 3.3mm across with a cable diameter of only 1mm and features an omnidirectional pattern. From within, the capsule of the MKE 1-M is protected against moisture by a thin, acoustically open stainless steel membrane. This membrane has excellent moisture rejection properties so the microphone is safe to use in situations where the presenter may sweat or get wet. For additional protection, the MKE 1-M can be fitted with a multipurpose cap that prevents large water or sweat droplets from blocking the sound inlet. It also doubles as a windshield with a slight presence boost (1.5dB at 10kHz). All capsule contacts are sealed inside the casing and molded coating.

The MKE 1-M comes complete with the multipurpose cap and an additional small-frequency response cap, which gives a treble boost of 2.5dB (at 10kHz) for applications where the mic is hidden within the costume or when more brilliance is needed to be added to a voice. Also included are three makeup protection caps and several thin, clear plastic tubes prefitted to the cable for protection it when it is attached with clips or adhesive tape.

The optional MZ 1 accessory kit contains different clips to securely attach the microphone, plus various accessories for protection against the wind. It includes a protective cover made of soft plastic, two mini-clips, two “Dracula” mounts, two small magnetic mounts including a lanyard, and two mini-clamps that are rotatable through 360 degrees. All clips and mounts are available in black and white. To reduce wind noise, two windshield baskets (black and beige) as well as foam windshields in black, white, beige and brown are also included.