Sennheiser Group announces Digital 9000 wireless system

The Sennheiser Group ( announced the release of a major addition to its product line at the IBC convention. The Digital 9000 system, a wireless system that includes the EM 9046 receiver, SKM 9000 handheld and SK 9000 bodypack transmitters, and a suite of accessories, transmits uncompressed and artifact free audio.

The Digital 9000 was designed with several applications and requirements in mind. Users will not have to calculate intermodulation frequencies, and a pair of transmission modes are offered. The High Definition mode transmits uncompressed audio and the Long Range mode uses a proprietary digital audio codec to avoid conflicts with sources of interference. Sennheiser claims that the Digital 9000 generates zero intermodulation products, and the system automatically measures loss introduced by RF cables and adjusts the gain appropriately. A maximum of 10 system configurations can be stored.