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SeaChange unveils Adrenalin

SeaChange has introduced Adrenalin, a back-office technology platform that is an upgrade of the company’s Axiom On Demand solution. Adrenalin, which features new functionality from VividLogic, eventIS and Mobix Interactive (all recent SeaChange acquisitions), is designed to enable pay-TV providers to deliver video to multiple screens. Adrenalin, based on a service-oriented architecture, delivers business application/content management, content distribution and session management, advanced monitoring and client publishing across set-top boxes, Android, iOS and other devices. Because pay TV operators are competing with an online content delivery model, they’re under pressure to find a three-screen delivery model that meets their needs. In face of that business opportunity, SeaChange faces competition from BNI Video, which announced that it also plans to release a three-screen delivery model for pay TV.