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Satellite & Remote -- NAB Show 2012

More features, smaller, lighter, and more durable: that's the tone for satellite and remote gear at this year's NAB Show. Expect to see more fiber and CAT-5/6 connectivity for both signal and control, along with more products using modern battery advances. Apparently, remote newsgathering and production is still in vogue.

Ericsson Voyager II multiformat integrated DSNGANTENNAS

K-Tek will debut the KAMT "The Shark" antenna mount, a boom designed to mount log-periodic antennas (also known as "shark fin" antennas) or any wireless receiver antennas used in connection with IFB microphones or video receivers. The Shark has multiple 3/8x16 threaded studs that are moveable along the aluminum tubes, which collapse for quick storage and easy transportation.


DAWNco will be at the big show with new C- and Ku-band LNBs, boasting best-in-industry spec for 1 dB gain compression and boosting of Eb/No readings on new DVB-S2 and MPEG-4 signals. Also look for their improved TI filter and the new portable BESTbuddy-TurboS2" sat signal level meter/ID.

Ericsson will show off their Voyager II multiformat integrated DSNG unit. It provides a multitude of independent and concurrent output options, including IP, ASI and an integrated DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite modulator with high-order modulation on IF and L-Band outputs.

International Datacasting Corp. will spotlight the Titan MPEG-2/MPEG-4 video encoder, which can be delivered for SD, HD or even 1080p. A fully integrated DVB-S/S2 modulator completes the DSNG package.

Promax Electronica SL will feature their TV Explorer HD ATSC satellite/ATSC analyzer. It includes spectrum analyzer functions with BER, MER measurements and video demodulation for SD and HD formats in DVB-C and DVB-S/S2 applications.

Sencore MRD 5800 receiver/decoderSathunter+ will be showing their satellite dish alignment device, which identifies the satellite lock and provides signal measurements including BER and MER.

Sencore will demonstrate the company's MRD 5800 receiver/decoder, which offers full H.264 4:2:2 10-bit decoding and HD 1080p60 video. Also on display will be the MRD 3187B DVB-S2 receiver/decoder, which features a new IP output card supporting PID, along with service filtering and genlock with automatic primary/backup failover.

Teamcast will offer their Vyper satellite modulator, supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-SNG. Also on display will be the MNG3, a compact and robust OEM modulator for equipment manufacturers and system designers.

Vislink will showcase their Advent DVE5100 encoder/DVB-S/S2 receiver/decoder, which includes H.264 and MPEG-2 capabilities. The DVE5100 has an integral L-band modulator, and can encapsulate up to two independent ASI streams into an IP output stream.


Accelerated Media Technologies will show off their Swift Series Hybrid DS/ENG, a raised-roof E250 short van hybrid DS/ENG platform. Also look for the Trancendence Series Transit with a 30-foot mast, and the Mini Sprinter DSNG. The company will also present the Horizon Series DS/ENG van. Meridian-Lite

IMT's Nucomm CamPac2 is now available in MPEG-4 will debut Meridian-Lite, which features its Zero Frame Delay RF link for HD video, delivering synchronized broadcast video and audio. The system supports full 4:2:2 video including all formats up to 1080p 30, providing a simple, affordable, wireless solution for all professional videographers. Also new is Meridian Tallis, an iris control and tally indicator accessory for wireless camera rigs.

Elber Srl will display their CPM portable microwave link, which is available in analog or digital versions. It has an on-board encoder and decoder, and comes with tripods, antennas and feeders. The unit is available for frequencies between 2 GHz and 15 GHz.

VidOvation In-Net GoalCam Wireless Video Transport SystemHxi/Renaissance Electronics will demo their Gigalink Light Speed HXI. It has extremely low latency, and features a new antenna design and a robust mounting configuration. The dual-channel radios operate at 1.485 Gbps per channel, supporting high definition and 3D.

Integrated Microwave Technologies will show off the RF Central microLite HD transmitter for the 2 GHz BAS band, along with the Nucomm CamPac2, which is now available in MPEG-4. For data connectivity, check out the Nucomm Messenger IP file transfer system, which allows broadband IP connectivity between trucks/news bureau and the broadcast studio.

OnAir Medya will present their DVL10/01/12 digital microwave links that operate in the 10,380 to 11,580 MHz range for transferring multiple digital audio/video programs within the same user-defined RF channel bandwidth.

VidOvation will showcase the company's In-Net GoalCam wireless video transport system. It withstands hard hits and uses 60 GHz wireless HD-SDI RF technology. Also looks for the Meridian Wireless Transport System, which was designed for extremely high quality, zero delay and short range operations.

V-Soft Communications will spotlight their Microwave Pro, v.1.14, which helps locate microwave channels, performing PCN coordination, and standard BAS studies.


Comrex Corp. will have for review the LiveShot Video IP Codec, offering low-latency, high quality video over 3G, 4G, WiFi, BGAN, VSAT and other IP data circuits. The lightweight camera-mounted codec delivers full-duplex broadcast quality audio and video from remote locations.

Dejero will use the NAB Show as a backdrop to debut their LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, a next generation wireless live video transmission device that features HD and SD broadcast performance with low sub-second latency. The system is packed into a small, ruggedized briefcase and sends broadcast-quality live video through bonded LTE/4G/3G/WiFi/LAN networks.

DSI RF Systems will demo the NewsShark, a portable transmission system using a single internal cellular or Wi-Fi modem technology that can snap on the back of most ENG cameras. Also look for the NewsShark Radio, a complete portable and compact transmission system that can travel with a reporter with a convenient shoulder strap.

DSI RF Systems NewsShark

LiveU LU60 Broadcast-Quality Video Uplink System
LiveGear will showcase the airstream, a portable live video system that simplifies wireless broadband for mobile ENG. Also for review will be the new VMS media server for on-demand and live streaming.

LiveU will show enhancements to its LU60 Broadcast-Quality Video Uplink System, featuring bonded 4G LTE/3G backpack with up to 1080 HD video and sub-second latency. Also for review will be the LU40i Handheld Video Uplink System, weighing less than 1.5 pounds and providing a high-quality uplink for online media via bonded 4G LTE/3G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi/LAN.

Streambox will show the Streambox Live Pro, an enhanced version of Streambox Live, which allows broadcasters to collect video from video journalists and stringers. Archived video can be easily managed/routed in one click, or searched based on metadata. Support includes: Mac OS X, Windows computers, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile phones.

TVU Networks will highlight the TVUPack, a portable, lightweight video capture and transmission backpack that enables broadcasters to deliver live news and events to audiences in HD or SD using multiple 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/WiMax connections. Also on display will be the TVUPack Mini, and TVUPack Cloud.

Vislink will be on hand to demonstrate their MRC AMG2100/ASG2100 advanced mobile and studio gateways. These units rovide mobile IP data connectivity between ENG teams and the studio. Booth visitors should also check out the Gigawave MVL-HD2 high-definition digital portable transmitter and the Advent Mantis MSAT portable data terminal.


Joseph Electronics will be promoting their JFS Camera Caddie fiber interface for cameras, along with the JFS Booth Caddie remote production system. Also check out the new JFS Studio Caddie, which turns any prosumer, industrial or broadcast camera into a full-fledged studio camera.

Rushworks will be touting their Remo II remote production system, a ruggedized portable, multicamera SD/HD production package. Also look for the smaller VDesk II production system. In addition, the company will feature the StreamSource AnyScreen, a hardware/software service platform that allows streaming of single or continuous events, and the DIJIT Iso-Cam.

VidyoCast will showcase revision 2 of VidyoCentral. The system combines multiple parties on screen with easily configured DVE templates, audio mix-minus, quarter-second latency, and HD broadcast video/audio quality. Other features include intercom/IFB integration and central device control.