Samsung unveils 65nm mobile TV receiver for CMMB

At the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum, Samsung Electronics introduced a 65nm channel decoder RF system-on-chip (SoC), the S3C4F71

Compliant with China's CMMB mobile TV standard, the SoC combines — on a single die — a zero-IF CMOS RF tuner, a supporting UHF and S-band frequency range, and a CMMB-compliant baseband channel decoder with 8MHz channel bandwidth. With enough sufficient embedded memory capacity for operation, the S3C4F71 requires no external memory.

Manufactured using Samsung’s 65nm LP process technology, the SoC keeps power consumption low and footprint small. In 4:1 time-sliced reception, the S3C4F71 on average consumes 44mW. Even in continuous reception mode, it uses only 170mW. The S3C4F71 comes in a 6.5mm by 6.5mm square package to enable slim and small mobile device designs.

Samsung’s S3C4F71 also shows excellent single-frequency network performance, which allows consumers to watch seamless mobile TV even in a situation where many broadcasting stations transmit in the same frequency band and interfere with mobile TV signals.